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Jul 5th -

Skylar Starr and Deepdicc
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Skylar Starr and Deepdicc - Rating: 8.77
Skyler Star is a black cock slut. He'll perform sexual acts with a black man that he'd never do with his own race. The reason? Size, primarily. We teamed Skyler up with our well-hung stud, Deepdicc. Deep is aptly-named, as his thick, uncut 11-inch dong has destroyed many who have come before Skyler. In fact, when you watch this scene, you'll see the pain Deep inflicts on Skyler's (now-loose) sweet ass. In other words, Skyler walked on set with a tight, pink manpussy and limped off set with a size 11 poopchute. Skyler's wrecked asshole felt the pain that is Deepdicc for weeks after this pounding!1
Dec 29th -

Skylar Star
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Skylar Star - Rating: 9.42
Imagine you're a sex slave -- a gimp for The Black Man -- to be used whenever and however they feel. You're caged like the dog you are, and you look forward to being freed, if only for a short time...and only to be used as a cum dumpster. Deepdicc and his homie, Kidd Brando, keep their doggy in the basement, and they head down a few times a day in order use holes and drop loads. Little white doggy goes by the name Skylar Starr whenever he's free and wandering the streets...which isn't very often. Today Deep and Kidd stretch all of Skylar's little pink holes to their maximum circumference before shooting their loads wherever they see fit. 2
Nov 2nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 6.88
Skylar Green's in the mood to make someone her cuckold: You! The tiny blonde has Jovan Jordan come over for the humiliation session that YOU are about to go through. How bad do you want to see a REAL MAN fuck a white girl? Skylar Green keeps you in your place as she sucks Jovan's mighty black monster. Keep doing as she tells you while her insides get turned inside out by that big black dick. Have you had enough degradation from that interracial couple? We think not. Jovan bends Skylar over for an invasion of his third leg. Have you been playing with that black dildo the entire time as directed by Skylar? How about you clean her up after Jovan creampies her with that gigantic black cock of his? 3
Nov 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 10.00
We're giving you another close look at the world of adult video. We brought back Skylar Green for another round of some black dick. Fun times.4
Sep 22nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 6.93
Warning: The following scene is not for the squeamish or those with a heart condition. We find Skylar Green hand-in-hand with Moe. They encounter her dad, Mr. Green, as he's on his way to the office. The look back he makes is a clear signal that all isn't right in the Green household. Moe and Skylar get back to her place, where they lock lips....and more. Skylar sucks on Moe's monster as Mr.Green's snooping becomes much more evident with each passing minute. Skylar's old man finally walks in and, well, things take an interesting turn. Instead of heading to the safety of New York, Moe's given approval to continue fucking the snow bunny known as Skylar Green. Mr. Green's grin goes from ear to ear, and the apple of his eye is getting her fill of thug dick. The deviant old man plays coach to Skylar as she continues to get some good,black dickin'. Mr. Green's an eyewitness to the conception of Skylar's black baby. The result of all this is complete access to the endless funds of daddy.5
Sep 22nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 9.59
Skylar Green and Moe got really close before and after their scene. Skylar sucked on his monster right after we shot their trailer. Oh, and she got fucked by him in the shower immediately after the scene wrapped.6
Feb 14th -

Skylar Price
Skylar Price Member Comments:
mrfist****: Accept it, slut.
rr7277****: InterracialBlowbang...bring her for one!
portug****: looks like a blonde Vorderman. : D
rr7277****: she needs to be in an interracialblowbang and swallow
alpinl****: This chick has issues. She got a bit wierd with the screaming "say I'm your baby!"
jack12****: great looking whore, love the look on her slut face when she's getting dped
gimpgu****: too much baby talk and not enough hard, deep fucking....
shane6****: Great scene but i wanted to see her on her ass geting dped that way. Get her back and do that next time!
hvitpi****: Great looking girl, but a standard IR-scene. There was hardly any dirty talk about big black dicks etc.
skeeta****: awesome! more anal and more gangbangs!
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Skylar Price - Rating: 9.38
Skylar Price has always depended on the kindness of strangers. A true whore will always try to step up her game and it inevitably ends up with a d.p. Skylar has confined in Rico Strong and Jon Jon about an upcoming double penetration and her self doubt is evident. The only way she could knock it out of the park would be if her black acquaintances transformed into her new interracial fuck buddies. Rico and Jon Jon seized the chance to spread open all of Skylar's holes for the sake of great interracial porn. Skylar wasn't fully prepared for the massive black dongs that Jon Jon and Rico were packing but she soon settled in. It wasn't too long before Skylar's windpipe was blocked by 2 black cocks that were easily 5 times the size of any white boy she's ever been with. Skylar's mouth soon gave temporary housing to the massive amounts of black meat in front of her and soon her nether regions would get blitzed. Each black bull took turns drilling her white pussy until her screams nearly knocked the painting from the wall. Several minutes of intense interracial sex lapsed before Skylar Price's body would be pushed to the limit.This stacked blond welcomed over a foot of black cock deep inside her sphincter as another went balls deep in her creamy slit. The gaping rectum of Skylar was soon the same diameter of her thigh and her stretched pussy would now be mission impossible for any white dudes. The latest addition to left Jon Jon and Rico so that she could get double penetrated like a champ. Actually, if you can take the blacks cocks we dish out then everything else is a cake walk.7
Mar 5th -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
zzbill****: Very sexy lady. Would have loved to see her pretty face fucked more then cummed all over before she ate it all up.
rob837****: love to see you eat the cum. if you are a true BCS must do this.
mikego****: this is one hot lady.. Would have loved to see that pussy pounded by that huge black cock!
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 9.01
Amber Simpson Lusty teen Amber starts out in the laundry, then jumps up on the washing machine, whips out her shaved sweetness, and starts fingering her tuna taco while demanding a black dick. She continues to strip, and finger her cootchie when the black dude enters, and starts branding her with his Sharpie. Then she starts using her wet mouth on his dark member and the washer and dryer become their playground as they climb all over them while demonstrating cocksucking gymnastics. Amber finishes on her knees stroking his balls while he jacks off into her mouth, another load of laundry finished just right!8
Aug 7th -

Desiree Diamond
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Desiree Diamond - Rating: 8.81
Desiree Diamond caught Ace, her soon to be ex, messing around behind her back with yet another white girl. Ace has a history of dipping his black cock into the nether regions of white cunts. She was so furious that she gave the white girl a beating that no white girl has gotten since Nicole Brown Simpson. Desiree Diamond took a bus from downtown and took every white dick that was put in her path. She didn't care about the size and the only thing that mattered was that it was white and would eventually spray her face with milky goodness. Desiree has since kicked her boyfriend out, changed her locks, and took the rims off his car. 9
Mar 1st -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
kattie****: I know the Glory hole is nasty, but i would really love to see the bottoms of her feet, while she sucks.
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 8.44
What can truly be said about Amber Simpson? Is she a barely legal slut that should have stayed home today? Is she the kind of girl you constantly imagine naked? Is Amber the kind of girl whose deep thought about interracial blowjobs lead her to the scummy part of town? The answer to all of the above is YES! Amber hopped on the bus to find herself in a bathroom that the health inspector has forgotten about. With her curly hair and toned body Amber had to see if the rumors were true about this putrid place. Using the toilet to rest her gorgeous as on Amber peeks through the hole wondering if any black cock might be on the other side. Her begging and pleading got her what she wanted and it soon took refuge in her mouth. Amber's mouth went up and down the sides of his shaft as if her mouth was a car wash and his dick was an Impala. Whoever he was, he gave her a jaw breaker and a face fucking that nearly made Amber lose her lunch. With her panties riding up her ass Amber sucked him until the cream filling of his balls splashed on her perfect rack.10
Jul 18th - BehindTheScenes

Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes BTS
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Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes BTS - Rating: 0.00
Where do we begin the today's mayhem? How about the fact that Riley Reyes begins her interview by discussing a very public place where she lost her virginity! Riley makes her Dogfart Network debut by doing a boy/boy/girl/girl scene alongside Cadence Lux. And, making interracial porn history yet again, we pair up, for the very first time, two legends: Prince Yashua and Mandingo. We spend some time in the bathroom while Cadence Lux gets her hair and makeup done. What's she expecting for today's interracial scene? We then catch Riley outside getting cozy with Prince. We discuss how Riley is giving up the booty today and why she's finally making her debut on our network. Prince takes over the interview by asking Riley how she differentiates her performances from other girls in the industry. Prince Yashua adds that Riley Reyes set the bar high, and he knows she's not in the industry based only on the financial reasons. Next, we find Cadence Lux and Riley Reyes getting ready for their scene with Prince and Mandingo. We come to find out that both ladies are actual friends and jumped at the chance to work together. With a creampie still oozing out, Prince Yashua gives his seal of approval on another Dogfart network classic! We follow Cadence Lux to the bathroom, where she stumbles across the various butt plugs Riley used in preparation for day's festivities. Cadence steals some of Riley's gummy bears right before both ladies share the shower. Another day of extreme interracial fun ends when a twerking contest breaks out in the shower between Cadence and Riley.11
Jul 11th - BehindTheScenes

Zoey Laine BTS
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Zoey Laine BTS - Rating: 0.00
How could Zoey Laine outdo herself from her prior Dogfart Network encounter? How about adding more black cock for her consumption?!? Before the main event, Zoey writes out her Dogfart sign. What's she been up to since we last saw her over at Watching My Daughter Go Black? We also come to discover her entry into porn seemed inevitable. Why did her "normal" careers come to an end? When did she come to the conclusion that a career in adult video was the way to go? And to say Zoey Laine is a dirty girl might be the understatement of the year! From the cum dripping off her face, to the evil gleam in her eye, Ms. Laine knocked her huge interracial gangbang out of the stratosphere!! How long has she been requesting we put her back on camera with the Dogfart crew? Is there a limit on the number of black studs she wants at her disposal next time? And finally, how happy were the bulls after making her squirt from a pounding that showed no mercy?12
Jul 4th - BehindTheScenes

Natasha Starr BTS
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Natasha Starr BTS - Rating: 0.00
Natasha Starr -- 'Polish Princess' -- is back on the Dogfart Network to knock out her first interracial gangbang scene! While Natasha writes her Dogfart sign, she talks about why she's doing a scene of this magnitude after five years in the industry. At what point did she decide to allow five of the biggest black cocks entry into all her holes? We then catch Ms. Starr outside smoking a cigarette in between photos and video. As she masturbates while smoking (!), Natasha talks about...the thought of having sex with a man with no legs!! No, we're not joking!!! Nat Turner, Moe the Monster, Isiah Maxwell and Sean Michaels all chime in and talk about the level of Natasha Starr's on-camera perversions. After the wrap, we catch Natasha cleaning off from another Dogfart Network classic. What did she think of the anal creampie Isiah Maxwell unleashed? Why does she love playing with jizz so much? We find Natasha in the shower , where she talks about walking in on her relatives fucking. Finally, does being Poland's most famous adult performer have its drawbacks? Perks?13
Jun 27th - BehindTheScenes

Keisha Grey BTS
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Keisha Grey BTS - Rating: 0.00
Today is the day that Keisha Grey breaks her personal record when it comes to gangbangs. In fact, with six black bulls, this is Keisha Grey's biggest interracial gangbang! Before the festivities begin, we find her co-stars Moe the Monster, Slim Poke, Sean Michaels, Chris Cock, Jon Jon, and Isiah Maxwell rapping to some of Slim's very own tracks. While they wait for Keisha to make her way to the stage, Moe shows off his ability to freestyle. And right before the gangbang gets going, we catch Dogfart director Billy Watson assisting Keisha with her revealing wardrobe. Half-way though the scene, Keisha's nearly out of breath as Billy Watson calls for a brief break in action. How does she feel her scene is going? You can see the sweat dripping off her face as a huge grin goes from ear to ear. Can you tell she's enjoying herself? We conclude Keisha Grey's interracial gangbang by getting feedback from all six bulls. What memorable line came from the lips of Sean Michaels? We follow Keisha backstage where she gives herself praise for what she just went through. Did anything stick out while she did the double penetration portion of the scene? And why did she give the green light to swallow as many loads as she could? We conclude another top notch day with Keisha as she asks for a status update on her asshole.14
Jun 20th - BehindTheScenes

Aidra Fox BTS
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Aidra Fox BTS - Rating: 8.33
Before Aidra Fox goes one-on-one with Mandingo, we get inside the mind of an extremely excited performer. Aidra finally makes her Dogfart Network debut after her legion of fans requested we shoot her. How did a chance meeting with a porn agent change her life? How long did she think about getting into adult video before actually taking the plunge? Next, we go into great detail about Aidra being a hardcore lesbian prior to entering porn. Did she have a "type"? And how did doing boy/girl scenes change her personal life? After the wrap, we catch Aidra Fox walking to the shower after Mandingo gave her a huge facial. What did she think of today's interracial scene? We switch to the topic of how she picked up other women prior to entering the industry. Aidra gives a few stories from her personal vault regarding some public sexual escapades with other ladies. Where was her most intense rendezvous? We end our day with Aidra Fox discussing an inevitable return to our network. What would you like to see next?15
Jun 13th -

Pepper Hart
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Pepper Hart - Rating: 9.52
Pepper Hart is a size queen. This is a fact. She's a true redhead, too! (The carpet matches the drapes!) Pepper is a MILF, too, even though she looks much younger than her actual age. She's also a huge fan of porn, and she loves watching big black dicks pound the shit out of tight, white cunts. She loves watching a white cunt get stretched beyond its limits, ruining any white boys chance of pleasure it again. She loves porn so much, Pepper's decided to add "porn star" to her other sex work...namely stripping. Pepper reached out to Blacks on Blondes in order to work with the legendary Mandingo. She needed his 13" slab of meat to open her up. Pepper needed to be stretched out and used. This is exactly what "Dingo" does, stretching her pink hole much further than she's ever experienced, and ruining her cunt for the white man!!16
Jun 13th - BehindTheScenes

Pepper Hart BTS
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Pepper Hart BTS - Rating: 8.86
We'd like to introduce you to Pepper Hart. Ms. Hart is making her Dogfart Network in a major way -- taking as much of Mandingo as her newbie pussy can take! With about a dozen scenes under her belt, Pepper Hart talks about why getting into adult video was a no-brainer. And how much of a slut was she before she got into porn? Pepper also goes into detail about her legitimate love for black guys.... on and off camera, she wants them all inside her. With the subject of interracial porn in the air, Pepper then talks about a time when she had a threesome with a guy who didn't have much in the pants. How did she react? Did she let him finish? Next, we find out how she chose her stage name. Hint: it has something to do with sports entertainment. We conclude Pepper Hart's day with Mandingo by witnessing her catching her breath. Is she shocked or surprised that she could take all of that black meat? We follow her to the shower, where Mandingo gave her high praise for that amazing performance. Pepper talks about her inspiration to be a "wrestling ring rat" -- which is professional wrestler groupie! Which other sites on our network does Pepper Hart want to do for us? Can you see her coming back over and over again? We have a feeling that we found a treasure here.17
Jun 6th -

Alexa Grace
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Alexa Grace - Rating: 9.53
Let's face it, we all have taboo fantasies, and the beautiful blonde, Alexa Grace, is no different. She's been masturbating to the same scenario, over and over: she's by the pool, sunning herself. She's in a bikini, and with her eyes closed, she suddenly hears a group of men close by, laughing and talking about using Alexa as a "fuck toy" and calling her names like "slut" and "whore". She opens her eyes, and there they are, standing over her! These aren't ordinary dudes, either. Alexa opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by five huge black men. They're tall and muscular with giant cocks. Five. Black. Bulls. And then they have their way with the beautiful blonde, fucking her mouth and her tight white cunt; calling her foul names and spitting in her mouth and on her face! They proceed to unload in her cunt, on her face...and all over her body. Alexa is a well-fucked mess in the end, which makes her want to masturbate all over again. 18
Jun 6th - BehindTheScenes

Alexa Grace BTS
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Alexa Grace BTS - Rating: 8.33
Alexa Grace's fifth scene on the Dogfart Network is another milestone: it's her first gangbang! Why did Alexa decide to get surrounded by as many black cocks as possible? Next, we go into detail about the other stellar scenes she's done on our network of interracial sites. And what feedback did she receive from her previous scenes? We then talk about whether or not she's nervous going into today's scene. Later, we find Alexa outside with co-stars Jon Jon, Isiah Maxwell, Nat Turner, Jax Slayher and Ricky Johnson. The sexy blonde goes over the do's and dont's for today's gangbang. What's off limits? What's completely fine and turns her on? Watch the crew toss ideas her way in order to add some sizzle to this afternoon's scene. And did we mention Alexa hand selected her Bulls? Watch, after the wrap, as Alexa uses the camera's viewfinder to wipe off the mess she just received. What did she think of her first gangbang? Ricky Johnson makes his way into our interview and has some questions of his own. We follow her to the shower -- her booty leading the way -- and continue our chit chat. Is there a possibility that she'll give the Dogfart Network her first anal scene? Nat Turner enters the bathroom and gives props to Alexa right before he bolts. We have a sneaking suspicion you'll be seeing her again in the future!19
May 30th - BehindTheScenes

Aaliyah Hadid BTS
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Aaliyah Hadid BTS - Rating: 7.67
What better way for a starlet to make her Dogfart Network debut than by doing her first gangbang scene? We spoke to Aaliyah Hadid about her start in the adult film industry. How did she get her feet wet? We then talk about how she managed to get a sugar daddy to pay off all her bills, rent, and more! However, Aaliyah talks about which race of people he disliked and why his social skills were lacking. We then find Aaliyah on set, sucking and stroking several of the black cocks prior to the main event. What do Moe "The Monster" Johnson, Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Dirk Huge and Sean Michaels think of her head game? And how did she prepare herself for anal? We then find all the male talent using their smartphones to take pics of Aaliyah before the hardcore stills are shot. Which co-star actually interviewed her prior to the scene? After the wrap and with jizz completely covering her face, Aaliyah Hadid moves her hijab to wipe off the mess. What did she think of her first gangbang scene? What did Moe say right after the mayhem concluded? We end our day with more details about Aaliyah's former sugar daddy and his vile ways.20
May 23rd -

Sara St. Clair
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Sara St. Clair - Rating: 9.46
Come grab a piece of patio furniture, some sun screen, and a cool, tasty beverage...cause you're poolside at the infamous Dogfart swimming pool, and today -- just like any other day there's a Snowbunny hopping around -- it's gonna go down! It's gang bang time, and today's Black Cock Slut is Sara St. Clair, a blonde bunny who's here to get all her slutty white holes filled by big, black cock. It's doesn't take much to get her bikini off and on her knees, where petite Sara's mouth gets stuffed with a whole lot of meat. Then, it's on to her tight, pink cunt, which our crew of Bulls simply ruin for any future action with white men. In other words, she's stretched to the max. Our Bulls don't forget about her butthole, too! Soon, little blonde Sara is "air tight", with all three holes crammed with over-sized black cock. Why not cream pie her? Why not have her swallow? Why not glaze her face, too? All three occur, which means another Dogfart pool party was a complete success. 21
May 23rd - BehindTheScenes

Sara St Clair BTS
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Sara St Clair BTS - Rating: 8.00
At exactly a year (to the day) in the adult film industry, Sara St. Clair is celebrating with her first interracial gangbang scene. We spoke to the busty, married blonde about what initially attracted her to Porn Valley. Was it the promise of fame? Fortune? Sara also talks about her love of erotic art and where it fits into her private life. Next, we talk about how today will be her first time taking black dick in her third hole. We catch Sara St. Clair goofing around with "The Johnsons", Moe "the Monster" and Ricky. What are Sara's limits? Where does she draw the line when it comes to performing on camera? We also find Sara warming up with a dildo prior to the scene. Why does she specifically ask for Moe to be one of her co-stars to invade her ass? Oh, did we forget to mention that Sara is a married performer? What does her husband think of his wifey doing dirty things on camera? We wrap up Sara St. Clair's Dogfart Network debut with the obligatory shower interview. What did she think of her performance? As the soap and hot water cover her flawless body, Sara discusses other sites in our network she'd love to shoot for. Finally, is she surprised that she was able to pull off a double penetration scene too?22
May 16th - BehindTheScenes

Lana Rhoades BTS
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Lana Rhoades BTS - Rating: 10.00
Lana Rhoades is pulling off the Dogfart Network trifecta! You first saw her get down and dirty with Prince Yahshua for Blacks on Blondes. You also saw her in Cuckold Sessions getting dicked down in front of Dad and Little Bro! With this scene, Lana Rhoades take her dirtiness to the next level. We brought in Isiah and Jax to rail Lana in her first ever 2 on 1 interracial scene! As we sat poolside with Lana, we spoke to her about how she was able to make it to the one year mark in her career. How has she maintained a high level of popularity with her fans and social media followers? And at what point does Lana see herself leaving adult video? During the shoot, Dogfart director Billy Watson got some feedback from Lana: does she feel that fans will give it high praise....much like they did for her two previous scenes on our network? We wrap with Lana's beautiful face, still fresh and full of jizz! Lana gives Billy Watson a post-game interview. What did she think of today's festivities? Isiah Maxwell and Jax Slayher join in, and the smiles on their faces make it obvious the scene went well. Do you think it's time to bring Lana Rhoades back for a massive interracial blow bang?23
May 9th - BehindTheScenes

Audrey Royal BTS
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Audrey Royal BTS - Rating: 9.67
What's going through a porn newcomer's mind before her first scene with Mandingo? Meet Audrey Royal. The performer with a "tight pussy" opens up about what brought her into the adult film world. And what has she heard about the legendary Mandingo? We continue our interview as Audrey creates her Dogfart sign. The topic of dick size comes up. Does size really matter to her? And why is it that Audrey Royal would have a cock that's too big vs. a puny pecker? You'll discover if Audrey was able to handle Mandingo! Speaking to her during a brief break in action, we get her thoughts on how she feels she did during photos. And after the wrap learn when Audrey realized that her worries had faded away. As she puts away today's wardrobe, we get some female hygiene tips from her, too. Finally, which past porn performer does she resemble?24
May 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Chanel Preston BTS
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Chanel Preston BTS - Rating: 10.00
What else can be said about porn star Chanel Preston? How about there's really no shock that she's been able to remain relevant after six years in the adult film industry! We spoke to the veteran about her stripper days and whether or not she had her hustle down. Could she persuade a guy to spend top dollar for private dances? And why are strip clubs known for having over-priced drinks? Chanel Preston tells it like it is. We then discuss how Chanel's offering up all three holes for this interracial gang bang! Later, we catch a few of her co-stars anxiously awaiting Chanel. What do "Johnson & Johnson" (Ricky and Moe the Monster) think the fan reaction will be to this scene? And what will make it different than the gang bang Chanel did for Blacks on Blondes three years ago? And the wrap! Another day, another stellar, Chanel Preston scene! We follow Chanel to the shower, where she discusses the secret to her porn longevity. Was there a point when she considered herself famous? And finally, what's the protocol for a fan when it comes to recognizing her in public?25
Apr 25th -

Sydney Cole
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Sydney Cole - Rating: 9.23
Sydney Cole is a "flyer". If you don't know much about the cheer squad, you might not know the flyer: she's the girl they toss high up into the air. Flyers have to be petite, and at 5'2" and not even 100 pounds, Sydney is tiny. She also has a problem: during a particularly difficult maneuver towards the end of the big game, the cheerleaders dropped Sydney! The fall left a deep bruise on her leg, which lead her to Urgent Care..and Dr. Jax! Dr. Jax is a tall and fit and black, which caused Sydney's little pink pussy to wet-up with desire. One look at the good doctor, and she didn't even feel the pain anymore! And let's face it, it's tough to decline a cute, blonde cheerleader when she makes a pass at you! With an empty Urgent Care center, Dr. Jax takes Sydney's lead and runs with it, fucking her very tight, tiny white cunt right in his exam room! Sydney forgets all about her boyfriend as Dr. Jax and his enormous black dick has his way with her...until he paint's her face with a sticky load! Touchdown for Dr. Jax!!26
Apr 25th - BehindTheScenes

Sydney Cole BTS
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Sydney Cole BTS - Rating: 10.00
With two years of Porn Valley under her belt, Sydney Cole is finally making her Dogfart Network debut. What did the sexy blonde do prior to adult video? What were her first scenes like? We discuss how her boyfriend was there in her early porn days. Are they still together? And what does he think of her doing hardcore scenes? We then find Jax Slayher and Sydney looking through their social media accounts prior to their scene. Jax talks about the various fans that send him direct messages. Are they mostly positive messages? Sydney reads off an e-mail from a "hater". What evil and vile things did he say? What was her response? We wrap Sydney Cole's Blacks on Blondes scene by following her into the shower. Sydney discusses some of the anti-interracial messages she gets from social media. While the hot water splashes off her body, Sydney Cole talks about how easy it is for her to ignore the haters. 27
Apr 18th - BehindTheScenes

Alexis Fawx BTS
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Alexis Fawx BTS - Rating: 9.38
She squirts. She gets down and dirty. She's Alexis Fawx, and she's making her long awaited Dogfart Network debut. The busty blonde made her way into adult video in 2010. What were her expectations going in? What are some of the ways the industry changed in the seven years since her entry? We talk to Alexis about whether or not she can gauge if new talent have a chance at maintaining porn longevity. We then find Ms. Fawx touching up in front of the mirror after her picture set. Alexis gives several examples of why she's a "dirty girl." When did she lose her virginity? And what were the circumstances involving the first time she got intimate with another woman? After the wrap and with co-star Jax Slayher's jizz running off her face, Alexis uses coconut oil to wipe off. And what's going through her mind while she's on the toilet? What did she think of her interracial scene today? With the bath water covering her body Alexis discusses her potential return to our network. Which specific site does she want to shoot for?28
Apr 11th -

Rachele Richey
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Rachele Richey - Rating: 9.09
Rachele Richey was made to service big, black dick. Just look at her. Blonde. Beautiful. Petite Big tits. Tight cunt. Ultra-tight asshole. This girl is hardly 5 feet tall, which means her co-star today -- the legendary Mandingo -- has a cock as big as her forearm. Even though Rachele gives it her best shot, she can't fit it all in her mouth. It barely fits in her tiny pussy. And her ass?'re about to watch 'Dingo struggle just to push the head into her ass. He barely gets a quarter of that meat up her shit pipe before Rachele's eyes are rolling up into the back of her head! Dingo has a difficult time, too, cause anything that tight is bound to make a fellah pop early! He holds strong, plowing all three holes before Rachele spins off and drops to her knees to take 'Dingo's equally massive nut...right down her throat! You know this little Bunny will be back for more big, black dick soon! Next time, let's toss a dozen her way? 29
Apr 11th - BehindTheScenes

Rachele Richey BTS
Rachele Richey BTS Member Comments:
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Rachele Richey BTS - Rating: 10.00
Rachele Richey -- the Maxim magazine cover girl -- is back on the Dogfart Network. How could she possibly outdo herself from her previous scenes here? How about her first interracial anal scene with the legendary Mandingo? We talked to the busty blonde right before she offered her holes up to "Dingo". What's running through her mind? What has she heard about the famous swordsman? And does she think she can withstand all that black meat up her ass? During they break between pictures and video, we spent more time with Rachele. Does she believe her ass is ready? And how did she prep herself for this milestone?'s a wrap! We end another stellar day with Rachele Richey and her massive titties. We get the exact size of those bad boys right before she gets into the shower. What grade does Rachele give herself for today? The camera fogs up while Rachele washes off from another Dogfart classic. Should we bring her back for more interracial mayhem?30
Apr 4th - BehindTheScenes

Jennifer White BTS
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Jennifer White BTS - Rating: 10.00
Do they get any naughtier than Jennifer White? The married slut makes her return to the Dogfart Network with a massive interracial gang bang -- and all holes are on the menu! We spoke to the porn veteran about her husband's friends and whether or not they get access to her holes, too. Jennifer relives a filthy story about some of the many times she's been a naughty slut outside the safety of four walls and a roof. And what's some of the feedback she's received from her past scenes on our network? Before we went to set, we find Jennifer with some of her co-stars. She tells Chris Cock, Dirk Huge and others about how she wants to get fucked today. Love making? What about a merciless fucking? Jennifer lays down the rules before her gang bang. Another amazing Jennifer White scene finishes the moment the last drop of jizz hits her face. We catch Dogfart director Billy Watson snapping the last of the pictures to signal the conclusion of the scene. We follow Jennifer to the shower, where Moe the Monster is waiting for her. What did some of the guys think of her performance?31
Mar 28th - BehindTheScenes

Alena Croft BTS
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Alena Croft BTS - Rating: 10.00
What's left for Alena Croft to do on the Dogfart Network? How about going one-on-one with Flash Brown? We spoke to the returning fan favorite about what makes her a true professional. We also go into detail about how she transitioned from web camming into adult video. Were there times when the visitors to her shoots got out of line? And what taboos would she not cross on those cam shows? We then head off to set. Fast forward to seconds after Flash accidentally slipped his BBC into Alena's backdoor during video. We show you the unpredictable nature of a porn shoot. And what did Alena think of the mishap on set? We wrap by following the busty blonde to the shower after her interracial scene with Flash Brown. What grade would she give herself for her Dogfart return? She gets into the shower and talks about what just went down. What else would should we shoot her in -- and with whom?32
Mar 21st - BehindTheScenes

Lily Jordan BTS
Lily Jordan BTS Member Comments:
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Lily Jordan BTS - Rating: 10.00
Where do we begin with Lily Jordan's Dogfart Network debut? The dirty teen talks about her genuine love for black guys. When did it start? Did black girls give her grief for taking away "their men"? Next, we talk about her leap into adult video. And we find out one of her friends was the daughter of an adult film starlet from the 90's. Who was she? And did Lily approach her for advice about getting into adult video? Dogfart director Billy Watson catches Lily Jordan getting co-star Jax Slayher's black dick ready for explosion. Can you tell that she legitimately loves fucking? After the wrap, and with co-star Jax's large cumshot still dripping from her face, we get more detail about Lily's genuine love of black cock. Actually, she sits on his lap while giving another story of a personal interaction with BBC. We follow Lily Jordan to the shower, where she discusses her interracial scene with Jax. And which sites on our network would you like to see her in?33
Mar 14th - BehindTheScenes

Jaye Summers BTS
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Jaye Summers BTS - Rating: 10.00
What's going through the head of Jaye Summers prior to meeting Mandingo? Is she nervous? Excited? And does she think her pussy can withstand all that black meat? Hot off the heels of her fun at, Jaye Summers returns to the Dogfart Network to make a statement: She's going to test her pussy's ability (or inability) to take all of Mandingo. We discuss some personal stories from Jaye's personal sexual resume. And more importantly... does size matter? We then find Jaye Summers going through her wardrobe with director Billy Watson. She puts on a few outfits and a final decision is made. We wrap Jaye Summers' interracial scene with Mandingo -- and it was spectacular! We follow her across the parking lot to the shower. How does she think she did? Does she think she can take on more than one guy at a time? And we finally end our time with Jaye twerking in the shower.34
Mar 7th - BehindTheScenes

Gina Valentina BTS
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Gina Valentina BTS - Rating: 9.83
What better way for a slut to make her Dogfart Network debut than going one-on-one with Mandingo? We spoke to the sexy, slutty Brazilian about what brought her into the world of adult video. In fact, one motivating factor was the man who, um, was packing less than average in the meat department. She opens up about her cheating ways and why she can't seem to be faithful. There's another bombshell she drops in this interview that will irritate someone from her past. And what does she think of whether or not she can take all of Mandingo in her pussy? Watch as Gina Valentina warms up by the heater. Gina cuckolds the camera while rubbing one out moments before Mandingo gets ahold of her. Gina also talks about which performers influenced her decision to get into adult video. Drenched. That's the best way to describe the aftermath of Gina Valentina's scene with Mandingo. She talks about how she feels the scene went. As she cleans jizz and spit from her body, Gina gives a post-game review of what just went down. We have a feeling we could throw several black cocks her way....and she'd be down for that challenge.35
Feb 28th - BehindTheScenes

Lauren Phillips BTS
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Lauren Phillips BTS - Rating: 10.00
Lauren Phillips returns to the Dogfart Network not too long after receiving the gang bang of her life over at Blacks on Blondes! Our BTS starts today with Lauren's take on sex work in general before we move to location. Once on set, watch as Lauren uses her 5-butt plug set in order to stretch her asshole open in order for The Bulls to fuck it properly. We talk a little more about her career and sex work in general before The Main Event begins! After the wrap, we catch Lauren and her beautiful ass and fire-red bush talking about the scene and how much she enjoys being a Domme! 36
Feb 21st - BehindTheScenes

Chanel, Keisha, Valentina BTS
Chanel, Keisha, Valentina BTS Member Comments:
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Chanel, Keisha, Valentina BTS - Rating: 10.00
What happens when you get three of the top-rated female performers on set? You're about to to find out! Keisha Grey, Valentina Nappi and Chanel Preston come together for an amazing for amazing interracial orgy! What did Valentina have to say about today's scene, while the other two were in make-up? And wait until you see Valentina and Keisha have a "twerk off" prior to the scene! Ricky Johnson gets some advice of dealing with fame by Keisha and Valentina. We then discuss the details for today's orgy scene. Next up, we find Keisha getting her asshole stretched prior to the main event. Does Keisha think she can take all those black dicks up her ass? We then talk to Chanel Preston, Keisha Grey and Ricky Johnson about how they made ends meet prior to entering adult video. Which one of them worked at a famous sandwich shop? After we wrap, how did the ladies feel it went down? Isiah Maxwell, Prince Yahshua and Ricky Johnson give high praise! And wait until you get a glimpse of the asses that were just fucked!!37
Feb 14th - BehindTheScenes

Leya Falcon BTS
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Leya Falcon BTS - Rating: 10.00
There's no telling what will come out of Leya Falcon's mouth. She's been a favorite here at the Dogfart Network, and she's back for an all-anal fuck-a-thon. We catch Leya in the bathroom, where she's moments away from demonstrating how a porn star properly preps herself for an anal scene. The busty blonde cleans out her asshole in anticipation of being slammed by Ricky Johnson, Moe "the Monster" Johnson, and Isiah Maxwell. We come to find that she has a list of "sissy boys" that contribute to her bank account. What exactly does she do to humiliate them? Warning: the proceeding interview isn't for the squeamish! Leya gets herself ready in the mirror prior to her interracial anal scene. Ricky Johnson enters the picture and Leya scares him away with a vile story. Moe makes his way in and talks about how a married couple wanted to use him and that big black cock. Did he go for it? What were the circumstances? We conclude Leya Falcon's return to our network by discussing what just went down. Leya talks about what makes her " the world's biggest black cock slut." And what happened in high school that sexually creeped her out?38
Feb 7th - BehindTheScenes

Aaliyah Love BTS
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Aaliyah Love BTS - Rating: 10.00
With such an amazing personality as Aaliyah Love possesses, it's a wonder why it's taken nearly a year to bring her back to he Dogfart Network. The blond veteran of over a dozen years in adult video talks about how this is her first time with the legendary Mandingo. And on a scale of 1-10, how nervous/anxious is she? We then discuss which site on our network made her jaw drop on first sight. And was Aaliyah Love was a sexual person prior to entering the adult film industry? Some brief down time on set has us talking a bit more with Aaliyah. We find her in the bathroom while Mandingo is showering upstairs. Aaliyah shows off that flawless ass, while discussing what she thinks will happen to her pussy after receiving Mandingo. Creamy panties are the result of a Mandingo cream pie. We follow Aaliyah Love to the shower, where she talks about what just went down. She washes off after getting Mandingo to pop twice on her-- once on her face, once in her tight pussy. We end Aaliyah Love's return to our network with a smile on her face that can't be wiped away. Should we bring her back for more?39
Jan 31st -

Piper Perri
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Piper Perri - Rating: 9.62
Piper Perri has a problem. She can't be monogamous. Piper's tried to be faithful...many times. But she just can't, especially after getting her first taste of BBC. Ever since that incredible "full" feeling she gets every time her tight, pink cunt is stretched to its maximum, Piper's been a cheater. She's always on the prowl for black guys, because if she's going to cheat, Piper wants that "guarantee" that comes with fucking black men: Big. Black. Cock. Today it's her first tango with Flash Brown, and she couldn't be happier. Piper wants to talk about her battle against monogamy, but he can't help much in that arena. Flash can pound the shit out of this petite snow bunny, which is exactly what he does. Just hammers her. Piper ends up with a mighty pop across her pretty, blonde face...which makes her ask Flash, "should I go home and kiss my man now?"40
Jan 31st - BehindTheScenes

Piper Perri BTS
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Piper Perri BTS - Rating: 10.00
Can you believe it's been nearly a year since Piper Perri was last on our network? We talked to the spinner about the trials and tribulations of being an adult film star. At what point did Piper consider herself famous enough to be labeled a porn star? Piper's beautiful lips wrap around a lit cigarette while we continue our little chat. The topic turns to Piper adapting to any type of scene for which she's booked, and what does she think of finally getting to work with Flash Brown? We then catch Piper in the bathroom putting the the finishing touches on her lipstick. Piper shows off her impromptu skills by pumping herself up for today's interracial scene. It's something out of a movie. We also ask her what feedback she's received for the other scenes she's done for the Dogfart Network. After we wrap, we follow Piper Perri to the bathroom, where she talks about what just went down. A spider in the shower breaks up the interview, but the petite performer doesn't let that stop her! We run down the remaining sites on our network and get Piper's thoughts on shooting for them. We have a sneaking suspicion you'll see her back here.41
Jan 24th -

Harley Jade
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Harley Jade - Rating: 9.49
She's petite. She's blonde. She's a PAWG. She's Harley Jade, and with this scene, she's making her Dogfart debut! She's a Size Queen, too, which means she's always got her eye on the Black Man. With Flash Brown, we've given her the size she needs in order to be fucked properly. After welcoming Harley into his bedroom, Flash had Harley drop to her knees in order to warm up his 11-inch cock. Flash returns the favor, working Harley's hot, pink cunt with his tongue before plunging balls-deep. Look at the expression on her face! That's what happens when a woman is stretched to the limit. Flash bangs this little, white snow bunny all sorts of ways before dropping his nut all over Harley's pretty face. What's left for this little black cock slut? Finding out if Flash is available next week for another dick down, of course! 42
Jan 24th - BehindTheScenes

Harley Jade BTS
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Harley Jade BTS - Rating: 10.00
Harley Jade finally makes her long-awaited Dogfart Network debut! You might be asking yourself why it's taken us a while to nail down this booking. We talk to Harley about whether or not entering adult video was a quick decision. What has she learned about herself in a year and a half in porn? We touch on how she got into the industry and how she's managed the fame that comes with it. The topic turns to social media and the few times a fan/follower nearly crossed the line. Finally, what does she think about finally shooting for us? How excited is she to work with Flash Brown? We conclude our day discovering why Harley won't shower in anyone else's house. What did she think about today's scene? And is she an actual size queen in her private life? We end our interview by running down some of the sites on our network to Harley...and if she's down to do them.43
Jan 22nd -

Sharon Wild
Sharon Wild Member Comments:
hambur****: HOT blonde
jaytot****: LOVE her!
blackr****: a dream come true, totally natural, no unnecessary makeup, she seems perfect!
blue21****: I agree. Sharon has been in some of the best black cock sucking scenes ever. She needs to be invited to perform more on dogfart
blackc****: this bitch is fucking hot would love to see her in all the dog fart sites takin black dick the way my wife likes it
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Sharon Wild - Rating: 9.16
Sharon Wild The apt named Sharon Wild is most definitely WILD! This tall European blonde knows what she wants and it's swinging between the legs of Billy, who will let her have all she wants, but first he has to indulge his fetish...writing on naked girls with his magic marker. Then it's Sharon's time to shine as she unleashes a tongue that puts an anteater to shame and works his coal black tubesteak into a lather. He fucks her pretty face repeatedly and she sucks his sack while he jerks off into her mouth. She does an awesome job of demonstrating how she loves to eat niggah cum to finish out this oral extravaganza!44
Jan 17th - BehindTheScenes

Jade Jantzen BTS
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Jade Jantzen BTS - Rating: 9.33
After three and a half years in adult video, Jade Jantzen is finally giving up the booty for black dick. We talk to Jade, who's making her Dogfart Network debut, about her early start in adult video. What were her expectations? Did she think she'd last as long as she has? We switch the topic to this being her first interracial anal scene. We get a boat load of information about Jade and why she has little patience for fans who try to troll her. We catch Jade Jantzen after the wrap with co-star Jax Slayher. While cleaning off the mess Jax left on her face, Jax talks about how smooth today's shoot went. And you know we had to follow her to the shower, where Jax is waiting to take pics with her. Jade concludes her day by requesting that we bring her band for an interracial gang bang.45
Jan 10th - BehindTheScenes

Selena Santana BTS
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Selena Santana BTS - Rating: 10.00
Selena Santana's debut on the Dogfart Network sees her going one-on-one with the one-and-only Mandingo! But before the festivities begin, we catch the slutty Latina smoking outside. And take a look at what little clothing she has on! We talk to the former Digital Playground contract star about her entry into adult video seven years ago. How did she get in? And how did her early sexual encounters plant the seeds for her to get into porn? Selena tells a hot story about an encounter she had with a fan while feature dancing. Later, we find Selena fingering herself while waiting in Mandingo. It was obvious from the moment we met her that today would be a stellar shoot day. Selena's Spanish flows from her lips while she warms her pussy up for Mandingo. Finally, we can't say enough great things about Selena Santana's first scene. The little hottie jumps into the shower, where she ends her day with us by twerking that amazing ass. She discusses whether or not she'd come back for a gang bang.46
Jan 3rd - BehindTheScenes

Amara Romani BTS
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Amara Romani BTS - Rating: 9.86
Today's a milestone scene at the Dogfart Network! We present the biggest interracial gangbang ever shot on the site. Who's the lucky girl? Amara Romani! And the dudes? Fourteen! This is a real-life fantasy for our slutty seductress. The last time we shot her, Amari Romani demanded director Billy Watson book as many black guys as possible. We follow Amari around the pool hall, where she tells several of her co-stars how she wants them to fuck her. Love making? Nope. Passion? No way. Hardcore fucking and no holds barred action? Yes, please! And all her holes are on today's gangbang menu! We give you a glimpse into what it's like managing a gangbang of this magnitude. Watch as Billy Watson gives the entire cast direction while snapping off some of the hottest pics you'll ever see. Over a dozen guys + Amara Romani = utter mayhem. After we wrap Amara Romani's milestone interracial gangbang, listen in on the post-game interview. Ricky Johnson interrupts by giving her high praise. You can see the look of complete satisfaction on Amara's face....can you blame her?47
Dec 27th - BehindTheScenes

Liza Rowe BTS
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Liza Rowe BTS - Rating: 9.33
Can you believe Liza Rowe has never been with two guys (on or off camera) at the same time!?! Add to the mix we're giving her two black cocks, and you have the recipe for another terrific Dogfart scene. We interviewed Liza Rowe prior to her scene with Prince Yahshua and Sean Michaels. How did she enter the adult film business? Does she prefer being a voyeur or an exhibitionist? And where's the weirdest places she's had sex? After the wrap, we catch Liza Rowe after her interracial threesome scene and get her feelings on what just went down. Can we convince her to come back for an interracial blow bang? Prince Yahshua gives her high praise as she enters the shower. Did this milestone scene meet or exceed her expectations? And how dick drunk did she get?48
Dec 20th - BehindTheScenes

Riley Nixon BTS
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Riley Nixon BTS - Rating: 10.00
Get ready for the Dogfart Christmas update! We have Riley Nixon making her Dogfart Network debut -- and she's paired up with Lexington Steele! We spoke to Riley prior to her interracial scene with Lex: how did she break into the adult film industry? How did she meet her significant other, "Daddy"? We come to find out that Riley has always been into older men. When did it begin? We then catch Riley wrapping up the box she's about to emerge from. The topic of being submissive comes up. Why does she avoid being dominant in her personal life? And we discuss where Lex's load will end up at the end of the shoot. We wrap Riley Nixon's interracial cream pie scene with some hijinx. She has Lex help her back into the box, where she shakes laughs some more. Was her Blacks on Blondes experience all that she had hoped for? And should we bring her back for our sister sites?49
Dec 13th - BehindTheScenes

Alex Chance BTS
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Alex Chance BTS - Rating: 9.25
She's been in the business over four years....and we're getting her first gangbang scene! Alex Chance is known for her over-sized natural tits and her slutty ways on camera. Before the main camera rolls, Alex meets one of her co-stars, Tone Capone. He can't keep his hands off her gigantic tits while she grants us an interview. Why is she just know doing her first gangbang? And why is she giving the crew unrestricted access to her ass? Alex continues to talk about the awesomeness of her tits, while she motorboats Tone. And how is she feeling about doing her first gangbang scene? We then catch Alex Chance putting the finishing touches before the scene. The topic of bra shopping comes up and the type she prefers. We find her talking to some of her co-stars about what's off-limits, as far as the gangbang is concerned. Does she think she can handle all that black dick? And which ones get to pop her IR anal virginity on camera? We conclude Alex Chance's interracial gangbang by watching her clean up her creamy tits. Fans of tit worship will go crazy as Alex cleans up nearly a dozen loads. And how does she think she did since we last saw her on our network with Lexington Steele?50