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Dec 29th -

Skylar Star
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Skylar Star - Rating: 9.35
Imagine you're a sex slave -- a gimp for The Black Man -- to be used whenever and however they feel. You're caged like the dog you are, and you look forward to being freed, if only for a short time...and only to be used as a cum dumpster. Deepdicc and his homie, Kidd Brando, keep their doggy in the basement, and they head down a few times a day in order use holes and drop loads. Little white doggy goes by the name Skylar Starr whenever he's free and wandering the streets...which isn't very often. Today Deep and Kidd stretch all of Skylar's little pink holes to their maximum circumference before shooting their loads wherever they see fit. 1
Nov 2nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 7.29
Skylar Green's in the mood to make someone her cuckold: You! The tiny blonde has Jovan Jordan come over for the humiliation session that YOU are about to go through. How bad do you want to see a REAL MAN fuck a white girl? Skylar Green keeps you in your place as she sucks Jovan's mighty black monster. Keep doing as she tells you while her insides get turned inside out by that big black dick. Have you had enough degradation from that interracial couple? We think not. Jovan bends Skylar over for an invasion of his third leg. Have you been playing with that black dildo the entire time as directed by Skylar? How about you clean her up after Jovan creampies her with that gigantic black cock of his? 2
Nov 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 10.00
We're giving you another close look at the world of adult video. We brought back Skylar Green for another round of some black dick. Fun times.3
Sep 22nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 7.73
Warning: The following scene is not for the squeamish or those with a heart condition. We find Skylar Green hand-in-hand with Moe. They encounter her dad, Mr. Green, as he's on his way to the office. The look back he makes is a clear signal that all isn't right in the Green household. Moe and Skylar get back to her place, where they lock lips....and more. Skylar sucks on Moe's monster as Mr.Green's snooping becomes much more evident with each passing minute. Skylar's old man finally walks in and, well, things take an interesting turn. Instead of heading to the safety of New York, Moe's given approval to continue fucking the snow bunny known as Skylar Green. Mr. Green's grin goes from ear to ear, and the apple of his eye is getting her fill of thug dick. The deviant old man plays coach to Skylar as she continues to get some good,black dickin'. Mr. Green's an eyewitness to the conception of Skylar's black baby. The result of all this is complete access to the endless funds of daddy.4
Sep 22nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 9.50
Skylar Green and Moe got really close before and after their scene. Skylar sucked on his monster right after we shot their trailer. Oh, and she got fucked by him in the shower immediately after the scene wrapped.5
Feb 14th -

Skylar Price
Skylar Price Member Comments:
mrfist****: Accept it, slut.
rr7277****: InterracialBlowbang...bring her for one!
portug****: looks like a blonde Vorderman. : D
rr7277****: she needs to be in an interracialblowbang and swallow
alpinl****: This chick has issues. She got a bit wierd with the screaming "say I'm your baby!"
jack12****: great looking whore, love the look on her slut face when she's getting dped
gimpgu****: too much baby talk and not enough hard, deep fucking....
shane6****: Great scene but i wanted to see her on her ass geting dped that way. Get her back and do that next time!
hvitpi****: Great looking girl, but a standard IR-scene. There was hardly any dirty talk about big black dicks etc.
skeeta****: awesome! more anal and more gangbangs!
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Skylar Price - Rating: 9.38
Skylar Price has always depended on the kindness of strangers. A true whore will always try to step up her game and it inevitably ends up with a d.p. Skylar has confined in Rico Strong and Jon Jon about an upcoming double penetration and her self doubt is evident. The only way she could knock it out of the park would be if her black acquaintances transformed into her new interracial fuck buddies. Rico and Jon Jon seized the chance to spread open all of Skylar's holes for the sake of great interracial porn. Skylar wasn't fully prepared for the massive black dongs that Jon Jon and Rico were packing but she soon settled in. It wasn't too long before Skylar's windpipe was blocked by 2 black cocks that were easily 5 times the size of any white boy she's ever been with. Skylar's mouth soon gave temporary housing to the massive amounts of black meat in front of her and soon her nether regions would get blitzed. Each black bull took turns drilling her white pussy until her screams nearly knocked the painting from the wall. Several minutes of intense interracial sex lapsed before Skylar Price's body would be pushed to the limit.This stacked blond welcomed over a foot of black cock deep inside her sphincter as another went balls deep in her creamy slit. The gaping rectum of Skylar was soon the same diameter of her thigh and her stretched pussy would now be mission impossible for any white dudes. The latest addition to left Jon Jon and Rico so that she could get double penetrated like a champ. Actually, if you can take the blacks cocks we dish out then everything else is a cake walk.6
Sep 14th -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
zzbill****: Very sexy lady. Would have loved to see her pretty face fucked more then cummed all over before she ate it all up.
rob837****: love to see you eat the cum. if you are a true BCS must do this.
mikego****: this is one hot lady.. Would have loved to see that pussy pounded by that huge black cock!
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 8.96
Amber Simpson Lusty teen Amber starts out in the laundry, then jumps up on the washing machine, whips out her shaved sweetness, and starts fingering her tuna taco while demanding a black dick. She continues to strip, and finger her cootchie when the black dude enters, and starts branding her with his Sharpie. Then she starts using her wet mouth on his dark member and the washer and dryer become their playground as they climb all over them while demonstrating cocksucking gymnastics. Amber finishes on her knees stroking his balls while he jacks off into her mouth, another load of laundry finished just right!7
Aug 7th -

Desiree Diamond
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Desiree Diamond - Rating: 8.83
Desiree Diamond caught Ace, her soon to be ex, messing around behind her back with yet another white girl. Ace has a history of dipping his black cock into the nether regions of white cunts. She was so furious that she gave the white girl a beating that no white girl has gotten since Nicole Brown Simpson. Desiree Diamond took a bus from downtown and took every white dick that was put in her path. She didn't care about the size and the only thing that mattered was that it was white and would eventually spray her face with milky goodness. Desiree has since kicked her boyfriend out, changed her locks, and took the rims off his car. 8
Mar 1st -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
kattie****: I know the Glory hole is nasty, but i would really love to see the bottoms of her feet, while she sucks.
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 8.39
What can truly be said about Amber Simpson? Is she a barely legal slut that should have stayed home today? Is she the kind of girl you constantly imagine naked? Is Amber the kind of girl whose deep thought about interracial blowjobs lead her to the scummy part of town? The answer to all of the above is YES! Amber hopped on the bus to find herself in a bathroom that the health inspector has forgotten about. With her curly hair and toned body Amber had to see if the rumors were true about this putrid place. Using the toilet to rest her gorgeous as on Amber peeks through the hole wondering if any black cock might be on the other side. Her begging and pleading got her what she wanted and it soon took refuge in her mouth. Amber's mouth went up and down the sides of his shaft as if her mouth was a car wash and his dick was an Impala. Whoever he was, he gave her a jaw breaker and a face fucking that nearly made Amber lose her lunch. With her panties riding up her ass Amber sucked him until the cream filling of his balls splashed on her perfect rack.9
Aug 28th -

Sindy Lange Creampie
Sindy Lange Creampie Member Comments:
bwchol****: two milky white blondes enjoying black seed, wonderful.
letizi****: i want to see also sindy lange pregnant with her black baby!
hvitpi****: Many Ruth Blackwell scenes are really hot, but I wonder why they kept shooting her when she became pregnant. Pregnant chicks are really disgusting! Fuck, it almost makes me wanna throw up.
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Sindy Lange Creampie - Rating: 9.14
7 months pregnant! Only 2 more months to go before I can hold my precious black baby in my arms! Byron is back to try to knock-up my good friend, Sindy Lange. She's such a hot little blonde tramp. Byron is so big he practically split her in two when he shot his seed way up into her tiny pink pussy.10
Jul 12th - BehindTheScenes

Brooke Wylde BTS
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Brooke Wylde BTS - Rating: 0.00
Brooke Wylde returns to the Dogfart Network for a romp with the legendary Mandingo. Brooke talks about the overwhelming positive feedback she got from her club scene over at According to Brooke, it's her favorite scene, ever! The topic changes to the correct and incorrect ways of approaching Brooke in public. The busty, all-natural blonde gives a few examples of fan interaction she's had when the cameras weren't rolling. Brooke also discusses her booty-call list and how often she picks up the phone for an impromptu, off-camera fucking. We then talk about how she's never done a scene with Mandingo and whether or not she's nervous about his dick size. After Brooke Wylde's interracial scene with Mandingo, we catch her with his jizz covering her face and humongous tits. Dogfart director Billy Watson chimes in with his positive feedback. Brooke wraps by talking about her time with Mandingo and the exact number of "fuck buddies" she has in her stable.11
Jul 5th - BehindTheScenes

Subil Arch BTS
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Subil Arch BTS - Rating: 0.00
Subil Arch makes her Dogfart Network debut via Russia. Today is her first ever interracial boy/boy/girl scene and we catch her as she's getting her wardrobe on. We speak to the Russian beauty and her two co-stars: Rico Strong and Moe the Monster. All three performers goof around before the main event begins and the topic of jail comes up---since this is, after all, a jail scenario. Dogfart director Billy Watson chimes in on the awesomeness of Subil Arch. She also discusses this being her first ever interracial threesome scene and what she expects. We end our afternoon with Subil Arch with her getting into the shower. Those gigantic jugs of Subil get washed off as she talks about wanting to return to our network of sites. Should we bring her back for glory hole? How about a cuckold session? We bring up the topic of a gangbang, but she puts a halt to that idea. Subil talks about the maximum amount of guys she'll do at once.12
Jun 28th - BehindTheScenes

Jojo Kiss & Zelda Morrison BTS
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Jojo Kiss & Zelda Morrison BTS - Rating: 0.00
Zelda Morrison is here at the Dogfart Network to break her black cock cherry. She's NEVER felt the sensation of a black dick invading her pussy.....until today. We're giving you Zelda Morrison's first time with a black cock, and she's sharing with JoJo Kiss! Zelda talks about the rough and dangerous strip clubs she worked at prior to fucking on camera. Zelda also talks about how she came up with her stage name and why she's waited until today to get her fill of black dick. Next we meet JoJo Kiss. She's also making her Dogfart Network debut and talks about how excited she is. We get both ladies together so that Zelda can give JoJo some pointers on being a cheerleader. Both girls feel each other up while discussing today's interracial foursome scene. We finally wrap with JoJo Kiss and Zelda Morrison. Their co-stars Ricky Johnson and Moe The Monster gives both ladies high praise. As the ladies are wiping off from the two huge facials, we discover that Zelda is now "addicted to black dick." Both black cock sluts discuss returning to our network of sites for future projects.13
Jun 21st - BehindTheScenes

Aletta Ocean BTS
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Aletta Ocean BTS - Rating: 10.00
You're going to love this episode of Dogfart's Behind the Scenes, because we're talking to the world-famous Aletta Ocean -- Europe's most popular porn star and arguably one of the world's most famous as well. Since her 2007 debut in the jizz biz, Aletta's been a fan favorite. Before her adult work, Aletta was a mainstream model, and was one of the top 6 finalists for Miss Hungary! She was AVN's 2010 Foreign POTY, and today you're going to get to know Aletta even better! 14
Jun 14th -

Bree Haze
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Bree Haze - Rating: 9.38
Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a mansion high above the Pacific Ocean in a town called Malibu. The mansion, which would come to be called Dogfart's Secret Mansion, was a place where filthy, naughty interracial sex was documented for the world to see. In an effort to recreate those wonderful times, Isiah and JonJon are on a mansion-buying hunt in the Hungarian Hills near the magical city of Budapest. Bree Haze, their smokin'-hot realtor, has been showing them homes all week. But that's about to change. Bree's brought them to a huge home with indoor and outdoor pools, a guest house, and many many rooms in which the European Snow Bunnies will be fucked well. But before our Bulls present their offer for the home, they're going to have to give beautiful, blonde Bree Haze a taste of what's to come: black cock worship, stretched cunts, plowed assholes, double penetrations, and large loads are just some of the things to come.15
Jun 14th - BehindTheScenes

Bree Haze BTS
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Bree Haze BTS - Rating: 10.00
In this episode of Dogfart's Behind the Scenes, you'll meet the wonderful Porno newbie Bree Haze. She's blonde, her skin hasn't been flawed by tattoos, and she hails from Latvia. Say hello to your new favorite European Porn Star! 16
Jun 7th - BehindTheScenes

Stella Cox BTS
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Stella Cox BTS - Rating: 10.00
We recently shot Stella Cox for the Dogfart Network over at our interracial lesbian site, Zebra Girls. With a pair of all-natural 36 DD tits, it's easy to see why we'd have her back so quickly. Stella's back for an interracial anal scene with the one -- and only -- Mandingo. We come to find that Stella is good friends with Lexi Lowe and Jasmine Jae--both who recently shared Mandingo for Lexi and Jasmine both told Stella Cox that she was in for a great dick-down, courtesy of the biggest cock in the world! We catch Stella Cox writing the Dogfart sign while talking about how excited she is to finally get a piece of Mandingo. We wrap with Stella Cox in the bathroom after taking all of Mandingo up her European ass. Stella reminds us that she'll "take any cock, anywhere" since she's always looking for her next dick fix. Those huge natural tits of Stella Cox get wiped down as we end another great day with the busty Italian beauty.17
May 31st - BehindTheScenes

Nesty Nice BTS
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Nesty Nice BTS - Rating: 10.00
Say hello to Nesty before she steps on set to get banged out by our two studs, JonJon and Isiah Maxwell. You'll love watching Nesty apply lotions all over her body as she prepares, both physically and mentally -- for the pounding she's about to receive. We'll also talk to Nesty about a variety of topics before she leaves to put on what may be the performance of her long career! 18
May 24th -

Anina Silk & Diya Noir
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Anina Silk & Diya Noir - Rating: 8.67
It's couples night at the bowling alley, and our two Bulls -- JonJon and Isiah -- have managed to meet these two little barely-legals Euro Sluts in Budapest's city center just hours earlier. The brunette is a Hungarian named Anina Silk, and the blonde is a Russian named Diya Noir. Both know "chocolate men" are rare in this part of the world, so both are very excited to be able to hang out anywhere with them. While public sex isn't the norm in Budapest, it won't land you in jail...that's for sure! With two horny black cock sluts and a really slow night at the bowling lanes, do I really have to tell you what's about to go down? Both girls love to be pounded, and our Russian -- Diya -- only wants it in the ass, cause that's how Russian girls roll! The highlight of today's adventure? Watch our Bulls fuck Diya's tight ass then immediately use Anina's mouth to clean their oversized dongs. 19
May 24th - BehindTheScenes

Anina Silk Diya Noir BTS
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Anina Silk Diya Noir BTS - Rating: 10.00
Dogfart is deep in Budapest, shooting Hungarian barely-legal babe Anina Silk and one of her pals, the Russian Diya Noir. Diya's English isn't so good, but we did the best we could! Anina, who's much better English speaker, talks about everything from her first scenes in the adult biz to how Hungarian society thinks of and treats sex workers.20
May 17th - BehindTheScenes

Kerry Raven BTS
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Kerry Raven BTS - Rating: 9.67
We open our first BTS of the Dogfart Budapest tour with Kerry Raven, who's a European veteran in the JizzBizz! Since Kerry speaks very little English, we did our best with her before turning our attention to Isiah and JonJon, who will give us their take on Hungary. 21
May 15th -

Shawna Lenee
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Shawna Lenee - Rating: 8.47
Is it OK to turn a fantasy into reality? Some would argue against it, but hot blonde Shawna Lenee did exactly that. Her boyfriend of two years loves to talk dirty when they fuck, and most of his dirty talk centers around Shawna fucking other men -- particularly black men. It's a fantasy he enjoys so much, Shawna took it to a new level. She picked up a handsome black man at the grocery store. She barely knew his first name, but that didn't stop Shawna from bringing her new, black friend home to have sex in the bed Shawna shares with her boyfriend! Shawna's plan was to tell her man about it later that night when they made love, but she's in for a big surprise. Boyfriend came home early from work to surprise Shawna! Look who's really in store for a big shock! Watch how Shawna handles her man, as well as her Black Bull! You're about to witness the fine work of a true Black Cock Slut!22
May 15th -

Nichol Jules
Nichol Jules Member Comments:
Alohaa****: 1st time....not bad. Almost too comfortable! Why isn't she fucked though. Need more scenes where it appears the girl doesn't know she's gonna be written on.
skeeta****: What a good black dick sucker! I like when she rubs it all over her face. Interracial Blowbang her!
bigbla****: No actual fucking? Come on... And why did you guys bring in that other nasty ming hag to ruin the scene?
stankl****: Nice Nicole needs to graduate to full set with two cocks. Please contract more next door wife natural looking women.
zzbeas****: Bitches need to swallow that manpaste.
q2345t****: Nichol Brazzel is really beautiful! She needs to be InterracialBlowBanged!
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Nichol Jules - Rating: 9.10
Nichol Jules We have a double first in this week's update...First porn scene, and first black dick for a hot Southern girl from Tennessee. After he breaks out his trusty Sharpie and writes all over her hot naked flesh, she jumps right in and eagerly starts to devour his hard black meatpole. She's so hot for the niggah dick, she almost sucks the skin right off of it! Off camera, her blonde girlfriend is watching, and soon she is drawn in, and the brutha gets the awesome treat of 2 hot white chicks sucking like a pair of Hoovers on his throbbing choad! They takes turns sucking dick and nuts, and Nichol goes for the gold, (or is it white?) and takes the full blast into her gaping piehole! Her blond accomplice moves in and licks the excess off of her face and they share the load to finish out this scorcher!23
May 10th - BehindTheScenes

Britney Amber BTS
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Britney Amber BTS - Rating: 9.75
The last time we saw Britney Amber was when she got fucked along with Keisha Grey for We now have her back for her first ever interracial gang bang.....with anal! We speak to Britney Amber right before Moe The Monster, Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Isiah Maxwell and Ricky Johnson have unrestricted access to all her holes. We find out from Britney Amber that she's been in adult video since 2007, and she speaks on her longevity . Britney gives us some filthy, personal stories from when she's not fucking on camera. During a brief break, director Billy Watson catches Britney Amber having "me time" with Slim Poke and Rico Strong. This is further proof that she's a bonafide black cock slut. We then head on over for pop shots from five big black dicks. After Britney Amber's first interracial gang bang, we follow her to the shower where she twerking that amazing white ass of hers. Britney gives feedback on getting her ass and Pusey fucked at the same time. We end our day with Britney Amber with her washing off the mess from another amazing Dogfart gang bang.24
May 3rd - BehindTheScenes

Jasmine Jae & Lexi Lowe BTS
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Jasmine Jae & Lexi Lowe BTS - Rating: 9.50
Speaking to pornstars Lexi Lowe and Jasmine Jae, you'd think they've been best friends for quite a long time. We find out from both starlets how they met and what they do to one another behind closed doors. We also find out that this is their first time sharing a black cock on camera. The topic of Mandingo's size comes up, and what both these foreign ladies think of it. We also discuss Jasmine Jae's dirty language and whether or not Lexi Lowe can dish it out as well. After Lexi Lowe's and Jasmine Jae's interracial anal scene with Mandingo, we follow both ladies back to the shower. We get positive feedback from both performers right before they give us an amazing girl-on-girl show under the hot water.25
May 1st -

Kate England
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Kate England - Rating: 8.39
No one likes a snitch, which is why Isiah and Rico are paying Nathan a visit. They used to be a crew, with Nathan leaving that life behind him when he met his beautiful, blonde girlfriend Kate England. Even though Nathan denies the accusation, Isiah and Rico aren't buying it. As they're kicking his ass, Kate pulls in from work. She wants to call the cops, but Nathan tells her no. Nathan has a confession. It's time to tell Kate of his past. And no matter how much money Kate and Nathan offer, the black guys aren't leaving. Kate offers up her mouth, and the Black Bulls counter with taking Kate to the bedroom -- the same bedroom where Nathan and Kate make love -- where they'll take Kate's other two holes. Why does Nathan find himself aroused as the Black Bulls have their way with his lady? As Kate is being taken, she tells the Bulls she's off birth control and trying to have a baby with Nathan. Their reply? A double cream pie, planted deep in her fertile womb. The only thing better? Kate's confession to Nathan as she's getting railed!!! 26
Apr 26th - BehindTheScenes

Ryan Riesling BTS
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Ryan Riesling BTS - Rating: 9.50
Ryan Riesling makes her Dogfart Network debut by doing her first interracial scene -- and get this -- it's a gangbang! We talk to Ryan about how she's just started her adult film career and what makes her a "black cock slut." Ryan Riesling also talks about the circumstances involving losing her virginity to a black guy. We then talk to her about how her fans have bombarded her with requests to shoot for Dogfart. While waiting for more male talent to arrive, Ryan Riesling interacts with co-stars Ricky Johnson, Isiah Maxwell and Slimpoke. The discussion quickly turns to her legit love of black guys....and we're soon off to the races. We follow Ryan Riesling to the shower after her interracial gangbang. The self-professed "snow bunny" shakes her ass in the shower while discussing what just went down. Should we bring her back for another buffet of black dick?27
Apr 25th -

Edyn Blair
Edyn Blair Member Comments:
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Edyn Blair - Rating: 9.27
Edyn Blair wants a baby. Very badly. And she'd like to be inseminated by a black man. You may remember the first time you met Edyn over at Gloryhole's sister site, Blacks On Blondes. If you haven't seen that scene, check it out! Edyn's still without child, but that might change after today. Edyn's heard about "Gholes" before, but she always thought they were a thing of urban legend. We not only bring her to an adult store with a fully-functioning arcade section, but today the arced is "very cruisy"!! What's that mean? Not one, but two oversized black dongs drop about a gallon of baby batter into her fertile, ovulating womb. After this is all said and done, I think the best way to describe Edyn is with this two word phrase: knocked-up!28
Apr 19th - BehindTheScenes

Ashley Adams BTS
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Ashley Adams BTS - Rating: 9.50
After over a year in adult video, Ashley Adams is here for her Dogfart Network debut. We find Ashley Adams in the bathtub shaving her pussy while discussing how she discovered online pornography. The brunette with amazing tits continues shaving her pussy, legs and asshole while talking about what exactly makes her a "black cock slut." The topic then changes to her excitement about working with Mandingo for Ashley Adams kicks off the remaining squirt from the wooden bed frame while director Billy Watson gives her high praise. Ashley talks about how she was able to take Mandingo's big black cock and being surprised she squirted as much as she did. We follow Ashley to the shower where she shakes that ass and soaps up those perfect tits. We end with Ashley Adams taking about doing more interracial scenes for us at The Dogfart Network.29
Apr 12th - BehindTheScenes

Marica Hase BTS
Marica Hase BTS Member Comments:
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Marica Hase BTS - Rating: 10.00
We have Marica Hase's first ever scene with the legendary Mandingo for the world famous Blacks on Blondes! The Japanese porn star ("AV Idol") tries breaking the language barrier by discussing the possibility of taking Mandingo in the ass. We also talk about Marica's first scene ever -- a 100-man bukkake in Japan. Marica also talks about the origin of the word bukkake as it relates to porn. We come across Mandingo and Marica Hase officially meeting on set. One can tell that Marica is anxious and nervous about taking the biggest cock in the adult film industry. Mandingo and Marica continue to break the ice right before their interracial anal scene for Marica gives us a brief solo as Mandingo is showering up. She nearly climaxes but is stopped by Billy Watson. The reason? He wanted the energy for the main event. We end our day with Marica Hase in the shower after her ass got fucked by Mandingo. The AV idol talks about being surprised she could take as much of Mandingo as she did.30
Apr 11th -

Lexi Lowe
Lexi Lowe Member Comments:
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Lexi Lowe - Rating: 9.43
Lexi Lowe is engaged to be married soon, but you'd never know it. Just take a look at this cheating slut! She's on the phone with her fiance while browsing a sex shop! She pulls a large, black dildo off the wall to purchase when something piques her interest: an "arcade" section at the back of the store. Of course Lexi inquires about the viewing booths and gets all the information she needs before strolling back. Once inside, her dildo play is interrupted by something better: a large, anonymous black cock through one of the holes! Watch this blonde BCS devour that cock before shoving it in both her cunt and ass and swallowing a large load. Remember, what your boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him! 31
Apr 5th - BehindTheScenes

Aj Applegate BTS
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Aj Applegate BTS - Rating: 10.00
AJ Applegate returns to the Dogfart Network after a huge demand for an interracial anal gangbang. The blonde starlet is approaching her fifth year in adult video. We talk to her about longevity and why she loves what she does. We then get a glimpse into her open suitcase and come to find out that she came fully prepared for this Dogfart Classic. Lube? Check. Anal toys? She's got them all! We next find AJ Applegate meeting a few of her co-stars. Slim Poke, Isiah Maxwell and Jon Jon discuss the possibility of AJ tossing their salads for the scene. Were the guys down for it? We follow AJ Applegate to the shower after her interracial gangbang scene. Her just-fucked ass puckers up to the camera as she washes off after getting a huge creampie. AJ swallowed some of the popshots and cleans off the remnants of jizz that hit her beautiful face.32
Mar 29th -

Lexi Lowe
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Lexi Lowe - Rating: 9.56
Dogfart is everywhere! Just ask Rico Strong. Rico and his pals are at the adult store, where they love to check out the latest Dogfart DVDs! "I'm sorry, there's nothing by Dogfart here!" says the beautiful blonde behind the counter. Her name is Lexi Lowe, and Rico knows better than Lexi. He's so confident, in fact, he makes a bet with Lexi -- he'll find a Dogfart DVD, and if he does, she's sucking a whole bunch of cock. Of course, she loses. In an attempt to stave the crew off, Lexi counters with her own bet. "Nothing in porn is real," she tells our crew. "I bet it's a big myth that all black guys have big dicks. In fact, if any of you have big dicks, then I'll suck!" Of course, she loses. Think our crew is satisfied just getting head? Or with her tight, wet cunt? Nope. Our crew takes all three of Lexi's holes, and they stretch all of them out so much, Lexi's boyfriend is going to know something's, time they bang!33
Mar 29th - BehindTheScenes

Lexi Lowe BTS
Lexi Lowe BTS Member Comments:
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Lexi Lowe BTS - Rating: 10.00
Lexi Lowe is back at the Dogfart Network after getting her ass fucked by a random black cock for . We now have her back for her first ever gangbang, interracial no less! We speak to the Welsh beauty about what she does on her down time when she's not banging away on camera. Lexi Lowe also speaks on her fans on social media who kept asking her to do a gangbang scene. Her interracial porn fans were apparently more vocal. We then head on over to the adult video store where her five co-stars -- Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Moe "The Monster", Ricky Johnson and Jon Jon -- are waiting to take turns fucking her white ass. Lexi Lowe's first interracial gangbang comes to a conclusion after she took five huge cumshots from those big black cocks. We get Lexi Lowe wiping off the mess right before we take a tour of the adult bookstore. We stumble upon one of many video booths and Lexi gives her opinion on her surroundings.34
Mar 22nd - BehindTheScenes

Alexa Tomas BTS
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Alexa Tomas BTS - Rating: 9.67
Alexa Thomas is Spain's latest -- and perhaps greatest -- export. The Spanish pornstar has a couple years under her belt and has already made her name across the pond. Alexa Thomas talks about the major differences between shooting here and in Europe. Alexa also goes into great detail about where she gets more public recognition-- the U.S or Europe. The topic then changes to how popular interracial porn is in her home and the rest of the European countries. We then head over to location for Alexa Thomas' interracial scene with Mandingo. After Alexa Thomas swallows a huge load from Mandingo, she walks that sweet ass over to the shower. Mandingo pops his head in to give props to Alexa for taking all of his big black dick. Alexa washes off and talks about returning to the Dogfart Network for an interracial gloryhole scene.35
Mar 15th - BehindTheScenes

Keisha Grey & Britney Amber BTS
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Keisha Grey & Britney Amber BTS - Rating: 9.75
We begin our interview with Britney Amber talking about her ninth year in adult video. Today's scene will be Jax's Dogfart debut, which brings up the topic of Britney working with brand new male talent. Britney talks about how difficult it is being male talent in Porn Valley. We get Keisha Grey out of makeup and introduced to Britney Amber. This boy/girl/girl interracial anal scene is a first for both of them. Both starlets talk about being excited about working with Jax and go into detail about what will transpire in a few hours. After the scene we follow Britney Amber into the shower. The huge tits on her get soaked and soaped up while Keisha Grey gives her feedback. We then follow up with Jax, and he talks about his first scene for the Dogfart Network. We get Keisha Grey out of the bathroom where she proceeds to tweak that famous ass. 36
Mar 13th -

Bonnie Heart
Bonnie Heart Member Comments:
Passio****: nice scene, what is the guys name? He is very hot ?
chritr****: nice
blacks****: this site was not bad... bring it back with hotter girls and don't write on their face....
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Bonnie Heart - Rating: 8.94
Bonnie Heart The British are cumming! They will be soon enough, anyway. Slim, very white, blonde, Bonnie Heart is in America for one reason, to get her share of black meat. She gets naked, suitably marked, then starts showing how much she likes to suck off a big black stranger. The scene progresses to her flat on her back, getting her pussy fingered while her mouth is fucked like a bitch in heat. She gets into this so much that she sucks this dude off, he blasts hot jizz into her mouth and she swallows it like it's her medicine...more like it's her drug of choice! 37
Mar 8th - BehindTheScenes

Katie Morgan BTS
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Katie Morgan BTS - Rating: 9.60
Katie Morgan defines the very term "porn star." Katie returns to hardcore porn after taking some time off....and she's back at the Dogfart Network. The various topics we touch on are her time with H.B.O and how she became a cable star. Katie Morgan began her career in adult video back in 2001--when VHS tapes were still a thing. Katie speaks on whether or not mainstream popularity was going through her mind when she took the initial plunge into the porn industry. We also talk on whether or not Katie uses her popularity to her benefit on a day-to-day basis. We then head off to set where Mandingo is waiting for her. After Katie Morgan's interracial scene with Mandingo, we continue our chat with her regarding her H.B.O days. Katie's days ranged from 8-12 hours, for about a week at a time. The grind seemed to have no affect on her since she was already clocking in major days on porn sets. We end Katie Morgan's Dogfart return with her talking about potentially returning to us. 38
Mar 5th -

Huge Black Cocks
Huge Black Cocks Member Comments:
funngu****: Barb, I'm in Nashville and would love to meet you for dinner, and talk about you, your life, your movies, and maybe you cuckolding me for BBC and Black Babies with a white guy.
go2kid****: Barb seems to have lost her passion. She's just going through the motions.
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Huge Black Cocks - Rating: 8.87
I've been working my cunt to the max. Day in and day out I fuck black dick from all walks of life. Lately Jason Brown's dick has been one of my favorites.It's nearly a foot long and he knows how to use it which is more than I can say for the pathetic white boys I've dealt with. You might know him from which I love since it's the biggest interracial sex site out there. I quickly got his number and called him over to see if he was down for being the father of my baby. I guess my southern pussy is too damn good because he lost control and popped early which made me mad inside. Luckily the guys who carry around those insanely huge black cocks heard about me and one quickly came over to donate his extra ball batter.Prodigy's length black cock made this black cock slut more than happy as he drained his balls on the perfect target:my cervix. 2 huge loads in one day! It's good to be Barb Cummings.39
Mar 1st - BehindTheScenes

Rachael Madori BTS
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Rachael Madori BTS - Rating: 9.75
Rachael Midori is making her debut for The Dogfart Network. As Rachael's smoking, she talks about how she was a " prude" prior to entering adult video. In fact, she lost her virginity to her boyfriend while her parents were upstairs. The road to her love of public sex included giving a blowjob in the back of a Taco Bell. She got fucked behind a police station, too. We introduce Rachael to Ken LSD--who's doing his first scene ever. Rachael gives him some pointers on how to behave on set, and what he needs to understand if he's to be full-time male talent. We then head off to set, where Moe The Monster and Sean Michaels are waiting to give her ass some big black dick. After Rachael Midori's interracial scene with anal, we get feedback from all participants. Rachael gave Ken LSD praise. Veteran woodsman Sean Michaels gives Ken positive words, as Rachael is in the middle cleaning up from their cum shots. We end with Rachael Midori talking about wanting to return to the Dogfart Network.40
Feb 23rd - BehindTheScenes

Adriana Chechik BTS
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Adriana Chechik BTS - Rating: 9.50
After a long enough time of her fans (and ours) begging and pleading, Adriana Chechik is finally making her debut here at The Dogfart Network. This BTS starts off with some fan appreciation, as Adriana talks about the ways she's been approached her in public. Adriana also opens up about fucking her foster care father after when she got older. Apparently he ran for office in their small town and was destroyed by the opposition when he showed her nude photos around. The talk then turns to her co-star for her interracial anal scene, the one and only Lexington Steele! After the wrap, we follow Adriana Chechik to the shower, where she puts on another show, then end today's fun with Adriana giving her feedback on what just went down. She then proceeds to clean the mess from her anal creampie!41
Feb 16th - BehindTheScenes

Eva Angelina BTS
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Eva Angelina BTS - Rating: 9.60
Eva Angelina began her career in adult video back in July 2003. What went through her mind on the way to her first shoot? At what point did she consider herself a "porn star"? We dive into those issues as well as what her porn pet peeves are. This is Eva Angelina's first interracial porn in 3 years--and it's with Mandingo! We then head over to the dance studio.... Director Billy Watson gets some candid talk from Eva Angelina during a brief break from action. After Eva Angelina's interracial scene with Mandingo we get more fun from the busty porn veteran. We end with Eva talking about regrets she's had from over 10+ years in adult video. What would 2015 Eva Angelina tell 2003 Eva ? 42
Feb 9th - BehindTheScenes

Anissa, Melissa and Sarah BTS
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Anissa, Melissa and Sarah BTS - Rating: 8.57
Barely-legal Melissa May has NEVER participated in an orgy before. However, Sarah Vandella has, so she takes Melissa under her wing as far as preparing her what to expect on set. Oh, and this just happens to be the very first orgy scene for Dogfart Productions. Sarah gives Melissa some pointers on having a lasting porn career as she goes through her wardrobe to get ready for the scene. Melissa May and Sarah Vandella can not keep their hands off each other before the main event. After the scene, Anissa Kate, Sarah Vandella and Melissa May hop into the shower to round out this first interracial orgy for Blacks on Blondes. Sarah soaps off Melissa's amazing ass while Anissa cops a quick feel. As all three performers are in the shower, they continue to give their feedback on another Dogfart milestone. 43
Feb 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Melissa May BTS
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Melissa May BTS - Rating: 8.40
To say Melissa May is nervous is an understatement. After all, she's about to get Mandingo for the very first time. The last time she visited the Dogfart Studios, we took a trip to the Gloryhole, and she shares the aftermath of that trip. We also talk about how her small-town friends and family found out about her porn career, and how she lost some as a result. During a break from action, Billy Watson gets Melissa May's feedback on what Mandingo is doing to that white pussy. Melissa seems shocked that she's able to take as much of Dingo as possible. After we wrap, Melissa goes on about how much she enjoys what she does on camera. We end things with her soaping up those tits and putting that big, wet ass against the shower glass door.44
Jan 26th - BehindTheScenes

Abella Danger BTS
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Abella Danger BTS - Rating: 9.67
We begin things with Abella Danger talking about her excitement of working not only with Dogfart, but with Lexington Steele as well. Abella's worked with him before, but now she's taking a Lex Steele creampie for the first time. We then change gears to why she's always excited when she gets to set. After a brief break in action, director Billy Watson gets some more footage and feedback on the scene from Abella. After Abella Danger's interracial creampie scene with Lexington Steele, we get further proof of Abella's dirtiness as she cleans Lex's cumshot off the floor with her tongue. We end things with Lexington Steele's perspective.45
Jan 19th - BehindTheScenes

Dava Foxx BTS
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Dava Foxx BTS - Rating: 9.75
Dava Foxx is back after her scenes at GloryHole and Cuckold Sessions! Those two performances earned her a whole new group interracial porn fans. In this segment of Behind The Scenes at The DogFart Network, Dava talks about being able to tell if a new girl can make it in the business after an initial encounter. Dava also talks about why this being her first time ever with Mandingo. On a chilly December night, while getting warm on set, Dava plays with her pussy as she talks about the monthly contest, Dogfart Girl of The Month. She encourages her fans and followers to help her win. After the scene Dava Foxx talks about getting two cumshots from Mandingo. The ex-reality star is flattered when a guy nuts early, as opposed to not even getting his cock hard in the first place. According to Dava Foxx, some guys in her private life can barely last two minutes. We end with Dava talking about wanting to return to the Dogfart Network.46
Jan 12th - BehindTheScenes

Christie Stevens BTS
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Christie Stevens BTS - Rating: 9.25
As Christie Stevens is getting her make-up done, we shoot the breeze with her co-stars for her first ever interracial gangbang. Christie even chimes in before the scene gets going about her excitement for all her holes getting stuffed. During a brief break in action ,Christie has a black cock in one hand while getting fucked by another. Christie's return to , according to her, was long over due and her first gangbang scene is one her fans have been asking for.47
Jan 5th - BehindTheScenes

Kagney Linn Karter BTS
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Kagney Linn Karter BTS - Rating: 10.00
Kagney Linn Karter has returned to the Dogfart Network for her first-ever interracial gangbang! Before heading to location, Kagney gets things going by sharing with the secrets to her longevity. Right before we step on to set, Kagney has her butt plug in while one of her four co-stars eats her out. She's into black guys so much, you can see her eyes rolling into her head. Kagney is now ready for the first IR gangbang of her illustrious 8-year career!. After we wrapped, Kagney got into the shower to wash off a body that was just invaded by 4 black guys. "Bunny" goes on and on about how much she enjoyed the scene and wanting to come back to the Dogfart Network.48
Dec 29th - BehindTheScenes

Sara Luvv Karlee Grey BTS
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Sara Luvv Karlee Grey BTS - Rating: 9.86
Step behind the scenes with the Dogfart Network with Sara Luvv and Karlee Grey! While Sara's in makeup, we talk to Karlee about her life before Porn. Then Sara and Karlee are both topless as they discuss what they're into when not performing. Both give odd accounts of doing cam shows. After the scene, Karlee and Sara get intimate in the shower. Both talk about going crazy with Mandingo and his enormous cock. Soapy ass and tits are a must here!49